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Mother English Circle

Mother English Circle


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Welcome to Mother English Circle (MEC)
at Itami Hall

Once upon a time, there was a mother, Hiromi Tanii,
who wanted to know how to teach her own child
English as simple as possible, and as financially
economical as possible.

Hiromi strived to find out ways different ways and
even  enrolled to different schools on how to teach
English to babies even before they are born and
after they are born, too.

Hiromi learned many things from different teachers.
She read a lot of books, and tried everything with her
baby from the time she was in Hiromi's tummy. Hiromi
is still striving to teach her daughter now.

With these different challenges on how to teach
English to her own child, Hiromi wanted to help other
mothers, too, who have the same problems. How to
teach my child to be an English speaker. Hiromi
discussed this with several people and finally she
founded Mother English Circle at Itami Hall.

MEC was founded and started on April 4th, 2013,
Thursday with the help and cooperation of many
people supporting Hiromi.

Please come and visit us at Itami Hall anytime.
For more information mail us at

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